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American Energy Services and ChargePoint announce Strategic Partnership

WOODLAWN, Md. – Feb. 23, 2018 – American Energy Services, a Baltimore-based company with national reach, announced a new partnership with ChargePoint, the owner of the world’s leading electric vehicle charging network. AES and ChargePoint are expanding their reach to provide efficient and affordable services to their current and future customer base. This strategic partnership opens the doors for businesses and schools, commercial and residential properties and beyond to increase visibility and enhance the guest experience. AES is able to expand its turnkey EV solution offerings nationwide and is uniquely positioned to offer reduced rates to customers as an Authorized...

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Launch of Advanced Energy Monitoring System

WOODLAWN, Md. – Jan. 24, 2018 – When knowledge is power, you ought to know more about your power. The marriage between straightforward access to big data, and harnessing the value of IoT (the internet of things) is here and available today. American Energy Services, a Baltimore-based company with national reach announced the company’s launch of the American Energy Services Advanced Monitoring System. This newly introduced system leverages the patented EnergyFlow software, and allows clients to self-monitor energy performance for any mix of electric, gas, water, HVAC or solar applications. With real-time monitoring, EnergyFlow has established itself as the standard in energy management and verification,...

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First in Industry Service Excellence Program Announced

WOODLAWN, Md. – Jan. 10, 2018 – Today, a representative for American Energy Services, a Baltimore-based company with national reach, announced the sector’s first comprehensive Service Excellence Program of its kind: a true differentiated value proposition. The program, available in conjunction with any American Energy Services proposal, is now available for 5, 7 or even 10 years. What makes this program unique is its all-inclusive approach for greater savings, efficiency, and satisfaction beyond the initial sale, and beyond current industry benchmarks. What it includes: Peace of mind: An extended warranty on all product and labor, exceeding manufacturers’ coverage, offering 5, 7 and 10 year plans....

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