We take pride in our work and support anyone who wishes to further their education in the energy efficiency world. If you have questions regarding advancing your knowledge feel free to contact us for more information.

AES has employees who have passed the following courses and exams:

LEED Green Associate (LEED GA) – The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Green Associate is a credentials program that focuses on green building practices and synergy between systems. Sections in this course cover the following LEED credit categories:

  • Green Building Design, Construction & Operations
  • Integrative Process
  • Location & Transportation
  • Sustainable Sites & Water Efficiency
  • Energy & Atmosphere
  • Materials & Resources
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Innovation & Regional Priority

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Certified Lighting Controls Professional (CLCP) – Certification issued by NALMCO, the International Association of Lighting Management Companies. This certification course covers the following topics in depth:

  • Occupancy & Vacancy Censors
  • Panel Based Control Systems
  • Dimming Controls & Daylight Harvesting
  • Task Tuning & Tunable-White Lighting
  • Control Zoning & Design Development
  • Programming & Color Control
  • Networked Wireless Lighting Control Systems
  • Centralized Intelligent Lighting Control Systems

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Lighting Associate – Course by Signify Lighting Education. This course covers the basics of lighting and lighting design including:

  • Connecting LEDS (eBook)
  • The Science of Lighting (eBook)
  • Lighting Hardware
  • System Videos

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Lighting Associate (LA) – Certification issued by the American Lighting Association. This certification course covers the basics of lighting and lighting design including:

  • Fundamentals of Lighting and Electricity
  • Light Sources
  • Decorative Lighting
  • Track Lighting
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Outdoor and Landscape Lighting
  • Dimming and Controls
  • Kitchen and Bath Lighting

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OSHA 30-Hour Construction Certification – This Course is officed by Click Safety Training. This course covers the following in detail:

  • Introduction to OSHA
  • Contractor’s Safety & Health
  • Reporting, Recording, & Keeping
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Fall Protection
  • Materials Handling
  • Cranes & Rigging
  • Motorized Mobile Platforms
  • Excavations
  • Work Zone Traffic Control
  • Forklift Hazards

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Lighting Essentials Certification – Training program offered by Philips LED Certification Courses and Signify Lighting Academy. This course covers the following topics:

  • Lighting Theory Essentials
  • LEDs Essentials
  • Control & System Essentials
  • Connected Lighting
  • Dimming & LED Health Benefits
  • Sustainability
  • Human Centric Lighting

LED Passport Certification – Course offered by Philips Lighting Academy. The sections covered include the basics and advantages of LED lighting.

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LED Associate Certification (Level 2) – This course is made for sales and marketing professionals and is open to anyone.

  • LED Technology
  • Lighting Terminology
  • Basics of Controls
  • Advantages of LED

LED Professional (Level 3) – Course offered by Philips Lighting Academy. This course goes further into the LED world after passing the Passport and Associate certifications. Topics covered include:

  • Designing with LEDs
  • LED Luminaires
  • LED Retrofit
  • Control Fundamentals and LED Drivers
  • Selling Added Value
  • Understanding of LED Technology

ChargePoint Certified Installer – Issued by ChargePoint University’s Installation Training Program. This program is a series of online courses that takes an installer from site assessment all the way through power-up and pinpointing. ChargePoint is one of the leading manufacturing companies of electric vehicle charging stations. These courses cover the following stations & knowledge areas:

  • Express 100 & 200
  • Express 250 (paired) & 250 (standalone)
  • CPF 50 P/W
  • CT4000
  • Home Pro
  • Cellular Network Survey
  • Installation Overview
  • Installation Training
  • Product Resources

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APMP Foundation Certification – APMP stands for The Association for Project Managers Professional. This certification is issued by the Association for Project Managers (APM). This course covered the following areas:

  • Business Development Lifecycle, Compliance & Responsiveness
  • Executive Summaries, Strategy and Win Themes
  • Value Propositions & Proposal Themes
  • Features, Benefits & Discriminators
  • Proof Points, Teaming & Price to Win Strategies
  • Compliance Matrix & Proposal Organization
  • Cost & Pricing Data, Proactive Proposals
  • Virtual Team Management, Daily Team Management
  • End-to-End Process & Gate Decisions
  • Opportunity, Plans, & Content
  • Knowledge Management & Scheduling

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If you have questions regarding furthering your education please contact our main office at 301-482-0025.  

“AES just did a project in one of our schools and the options and pricing methods are not like anyone I have seen in the market.”

Michelle Griffith, Business Owner
DeVere Weatherization & Construction

“Luke (AES Superintendent) has done a great job of managing this project in challenging circumstances. I appreciate all of your hard work in making this wonderful project a reality.”

Leslie Edinberg, Assistant Head of School for Finance, Advancement & Operations
St. Anne's School of Annapolis

We worked with a number of people from AES on this project and all were great in communicating and implementing what was best for our property and residents! It looks and feels like it has ALWAYS been there!

Cindy Gogluizza, Property Manager
The Isle Apartments

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