Rigorously tested, exhaustively researched, and powered by 21st Century expertise; discover how American Energy Services is changing today’s energy sector.

For nearly two decades, American Energy Services has been a trusted energy partner, providing energy solutions for public and commercial customers, serving Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, healthcare facilities, property management companies, and schools and universities.

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Investment Grade Audits

Increased energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and better performing facilities.

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LED Lighting

The shortest route to Energy Savings, giving you the freedom to rededicate resources back to your business.

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Energy Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring. When knowledge is power, you ought to know more about your power.

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EV Charging

Be the power behind the latest innovation in automotive, and join the network that brings drivers to you.

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Service Excellence

We have redefined the industry. Discover the advantages of having a true Energy Partner.

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