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Services Provided:
LED Installation, Retrofitting

District Photo

Key Project Results

Annual kWh Reduction 538,325
Annual Estimated Savings $77,222
Rebate Value Secured $177,000+ (51% of total cost)
10 Year Energy Savings

Project Overview

District Photo is one of the largest providers of digital publishing
services in the mid-Atlantic region. They have been serving Maryland and beyond for 40 years. As their facilities grew, so did their needs—and so did their bills. Inefficient and outdated fluorescent lighting was consuming too much energy. After decades of frustration with inadequate lighting and crushing energy bills, District Photo sought out American Energy Services for a way to revitalize their office.

American Energy Services conducted an electrical audit and designed a solution for District Photo with interior and exterior LEDs. After further review, District Photo wanted to advance their building for the future. By installing Intelligent Controls, not only did they further reduce their
energy bill, but their building was also outfitted with impressive lighting features. Occupancy sensors and automatic dimmers allowed the digital publisher to create an impressive work environment that was met with great enthusiasm from employees- and their bottom line reflected the 59% reduction in energy bills.

The project was audited, designed and installed by AES, a premier provider of LED lighting and energy audit services, retrofits, upgrades, and LED electrical lighting maintenance.

Owner: District Photo Inc.

Contractor: American Energy Services

Service Requested: Lighting Retrofits

Location: Beltsville, MD