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WOODLAWN, Md. – Feb. 23, 2018 – American Energy Services, a Baltimore-based company with national reach, announced a new partnership with ChargePoint, the owner of the world’s leading electric vehicle charging network. AES and ChargePoint are expanding their reach to provide efficient and affordable services to their current and future customer base. This strategic partnership opens the doors for businesses and schools, commercial and residential properties and beyond to increase visibility and enhance the guest experience.

AES is able to expand its turnkey EV solution offerings nationwide and is uniquely positioned to offer reduced rates to customers as an Authorized ChargePoint reseller and a Certified ChargePoint Installer.

“Today’s announcement further indicates American Energy Services’ role in providing the most comprehensive energy solutions available. Our mission aligned naturally with ChargePoint, and we look forward to continue providing world-class service to our customers,” said Jim Caprara, President and CEO of American Energy Services.

ChargePoint provides the world’s largest EV Charging network, covering more than 41,000 locations that can easily be navigated through their app. As a valued firm with 70% of new EV drivers depending on ChargePoint services, and currently holding a 98% customer renewal rate, they have established themselves as a trustworthy and reliable service provider in the industry.

Experts have estimated more than 30 million Americans are interested in purchasing an electric vehicle as their next car. The growth of EV technology and the increased rate of EV manufacturing has allowed businesses and schools to install charging stations at a growing rate. These expansions have resulted in increased property value, branding opportunities, and strengthened customer and guest relationships.

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