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The industry's first comprehensive Service Excellence Program is a true value to customers. This offering, available in conjunction with any American Energy Services proposal, is available for 5, 7 or even 10 years.

AES Service Excellence Program

Peace of Mind

We will be your energy partner. With the industry-defining Service Excellence Program, customers can have true confidence in their investment. For the extended duration of the program (5, 7, or even 10 years), the cost of materials is on us- and so is the service call. AES is proud to be the first company to make this promise as energy consultants.

Health Check

AES’s Service Excellence Program includes an investment-grade audit annually to provide you with a facility report card.  Using that graded report, we can address performance gaps and identify areas that aren’t meeting optimum efficiencies. The Health Check can raise you to an A+ rating through adjustments made to controls and sensors, or by correcting service issues, before they become issues.

Operational Review

Consider how your space has changed since its last update. Have employee workspaces or traffic flow changed? Have you hired new people? The Operational Review includes a strategic examination that keeps a company’s energy solution matched to their business or operations environment.

Technology Review

History has shown that energy efficiencies continue to change at a rapid rate. Because our clients are interested in reducing overhead, we stay current on opportunities that will help them enhance their space and lower their bills even further. This annual review allows our customers to see inside the newest efficiencies possible and ensure they are always at the cutting edge of energy technology.

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