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Real-Time Energy Monitoring

When knowledge is power, you ought to know more about your power.

Energy management is the key to saving energy in your organization. Much of the importance of energy saving stems from the global need to save energy – this global need affects energy prices, emissions targets, and legislation, all of which lead to several compelling reasons why you should save energy at your organization specifically.

The best way to conserve electricity use is to show people precisely how much they are using. With EnergyFlow powered by Noveda, you can now track electricity use on a load-by-load basis and drive energy savings initiatives, all while monitoring their impact in real-time.

EnergyFlow takes the power of big data and puts it in your hands to power your facility even smarter. In addition, EnergyFlow enables building owners to qualify for LEED Measurement & Verification (M&V) points. Meaningful graphics, analysis based text/email alerts, and detailed reporting give you the answers, not just the details.

Electric + Water + Gas + HVAC

All of your utilities in one simple tool. The compatibility of the AES Monitoring System gives you that flexibility needs of each user. A flexible tool that you pull  right from your browser. Configure it to your exact needs and get just the information you’re looking – this is easy Energy Management.

With up-to-the-minute accuracy and a friendly web-based platform, you will be able to monitor real-time energy usage for as many as 72 loads. Customized alerts can be scheduled to update you via email or text. Understanding your energy usage is the quickest way to make informed and effective changes that lower your energy bills.

Case Study

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