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Services Provided:
AES Advanced Monitoring

Ferreira Construction

Key Project Results

Annual Savings $100,000
Annual Cash Flow +$50,000
Carbon Footprint Reduction 83%
10 Year Energy Savings

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Project Overview


Ferreira Construction, a New Jersey construction company, as part of its commitment to sustainability and to meet statewide greenhouse gas reduction goals, wanted to create a net-zero commercial building for its corporate headquarters. They needed a monitoring solution that could leverage their investment in solar panels and also track their energy consumption.

Ferreira completely eliminated their $100K annual energy bill AND was able to generate $50K in annual cash flow by supplying excess solar energy from the grid. The EnergyFlow Monitor installed optimized performance of the renewable energy system and the energy savings from the various energy conservation projects were measured and verified in real time using EnergyFlow Monitor.

The net-zero status enabled Ferreira Construction to move from spending $2.31/sq ft in utility bills to generating $1.11/sq ft per year in cash flow by supplying excess renewable energy, back to the grid, plus the additional solar renewable credits.

The project was installed by AES, an energy solutions provider specializing in investment grade analyses and designing solutions ranging from lighting controls, advanced monitoring, and Service Excellence Programs.

Location: Somerville, NJ

Segment: Construction

Challenge: To create a net-zero commercial building for its corporate headquarters.

Solution: Advanced monitoring system to track energy consumption and eliminate unnecessary costs.

Results: A 83% reduction in carbon footprint which allowed Ferreira Construction to reduce energy costs by $100,000 annually.