Why is LED Lighting The Best Option for The Environment?

LED lighting has the latest technological advancements supporting eco-friendly processes and reducing carbon footprint. Our outdoor lighting experts discuss.

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When deciding if LED is a worthy upgrade for your facility, one important thing to think about is the opportunity to brand as a Green Leader. Not only are LED’s more cost efficient, they are the most eco-friendly lighting upgrade option on the market!

High-efficiency LEDs convert 95% of energy into light and only the remaining 5% translates into heat. Fluorescents do the exact opposite! On average, an LED light uses 40% less power than fluorescent lights and 80% less than incandescents to produce the same level of light.

LEDs focus light in a single direction which eliminates wasted energy. With proper light distribution, it reduces the amount of fixtures necessary to ensure an area is well-lit. In addition, LED bulbs are extremely durable and low-maintenance. They last nearly 6 times longer than any other bulb, and they are not considered as toxic, allowing for easy disposal. LEDs significantly decrease greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, over the past year, they took 570 billion tons of carbon dioxide from the sky!

Consider this upgrade as an investment for your company and for the environment!

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“Luke (AES Superintendent) has done a great job of managing this project in challenging circumstances. I appreciate all of your hard work in making this wonderful project a reality.”

Leslie Edinberg, Assistant Head of School for Finance, Advancement & Operations
St. Anne's School of Annapolis

We worked with a number of people from AES on this project and all were great in communicating and implementing what was best for our property and residents! It looks and feels like it has ALWAYS been there!

Cindy Gogluizza, Property Manager
The Isle Apartments

“AES just did a project in one of our schools and the options and pricing methods are not like anyone I have seen in the market.”

Michelle Griffith, Business Owner
DeVere Weatherization & Construction

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