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California, New York, and New Jersey’s new efforts could boost EVs beyond niche status, some experts say…

As California, New Jersey and New York state have approved up to a billion dollars’ worth of Electric vehicle charging projects in the coming years, it is to be expected that there will be a huge spike in the numbers of U.S. consumers buying EV’s. As of May 2018, surveys conducted on U.S. consumers show that about 47% are most concerned about the lack of EV charging stations and confirm that to be the number one barrier when it comes to owning an electric vehicle.


By increasing electric vehicle infrastructure and charging stations in workplaces, highways and residential areas consumers now have greater ability to move towards clean and more efficient vehicles.


As these three powerful states begin to invest in game-changing transportation technology, it brings our world closer to achieving true transformation.This is exactly what is needed to protect public health today and push us towards a greener future!



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