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The 12,759 square-foot facility houses a 20-barrel brewhouse, handcrafted by W.M. Sprinkman Corporation of Waukesha, Wisconsin, with the capacity to brew 4,500 barrels of beer annually.

As demands increased, facility size had to increase as well. With their larger space, Stormcloud Brewing set energy efficiency as a top priority to ensure they were maintaining their budget. They revamped their facility with LED fixtures, saving them nearly half in energy costs. In addition, all of their lighting is controlled through occupancy sensors, which automatically shuts off in vacant areas.  

To top it all off, Stormcloud Brewing opened two electric vehicle charging stations to follow the growing trend. Not only will this please EV customers, but it will also encourage extended visitor stay and promote them as a Green Leader.

Stormcloud Brewing has taken numerous steps in the right direction to help their business expand while focusing on saving capital. 

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