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Shawnee Local School District energy savings Ohio

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The Shawnee Local School District in Lima, Ohio took on a project in 2014 by upgrading their lighting systems, both interior and exterior, in hopes of big savings. In addition, they installed occupancy sensors and smart controls to monitor and eliminate wasted energy. After an evaluation done in 2017, they calculated savings exceeding $349,000 which was $40,000 more than they were originally projecting.

The electric consumption decreased by 12.9%, and gas by 12.7%. While these numbers may seem slim, they have contributed immensely to the amount of money saved over the duration of the 3 years since the project has been completed.

This project has resulted in a massive reduction in costs, allowing for more money to be allocated to capital expenditures. They intend to use these funds towards improving the classroom settings. This in turn also encouraged other school districts in the region to upgrade their facilities to relieve some tax-paying dollars, but ultimately revamp the experience for the children.

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