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Thirty-five municipalities in Southeastern Pennsylvania used their collective purchasing power to convert their outdoor lighting to LED lights, an unusual collaboration.- Michaelle Bond, Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News…

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As an increasing number of cities across the nation strive to reduce carbon footprints and become more sustainable, 35 municipalities in Southeastern Pennsylvania have taken a great step forward by collectively converting all outdoor lighting to LED lighting.


Changing street lights, parking lot lights and all other outdoor lighting will save these local communities about $1.4 million in annual energy costs and operating costs. Over the next 20 years, it is expected that about $15 million will be saved which allows for allocation to other important community building projects.

In addition, switching from conventional lighting to LED lighting fixtures saves each community the cost of changing bulbs every 5 years as LED lighting generally has a lifespan of about 20 years.


This effort made by local communities in Southeastern Pennsylvania could be a popular model adopted by communities across the United States. This group purchase is also of benefit to the communities as they paid much less than they would have had they acted alone.

This big switch is also in important step towards creating a more sustainable environment and ensuring a greener future!

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