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Heating and cooling account for more than 40 percent of energy use in a typical home — the largest energy expense for most families. In commercial spaces, the cost is just as significant. To help consumers and businesses stay on top of their energy use and keep heating and cooling costs in check,…

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IoT has been on the rise alongside technological developments. Luckily, this has benefitted the energy sector as more advancements have been made to devices to help monitor and control utilities.

Microsoft developed a system, known as GLAS smart thermostat, using Windows 10 IoT Core for Johnson Controls (JCI). This system not only has the ability to manage usage, but it can also monitor air quality, which is a positive safety feature.

The system can be accessed through devices such as mobiles, tablets, and web browsers when connected to the internet. This gives the owners the ability to make any adjustments, or control the system to be cool/warm for when they arrive at home. In addition, GLAS can detect occupancy in rooms, allowing it to adjust temperatures solely based on movement.

Lastly, GLAS will feature Cortana, which enables voice-activated commands to change the temperature, manage calendars, check traffic, and more. This type of innovation is what is driving the future of IoT. With these new technologies, it has been made easier to cut costs and eliminate wasted energy. This is what is driving initiatives toward a greener environment.

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