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Later this week, athletes proudly wearing their countries’ colors will fill the winter sports arenas of PyeongChang, South Korea, as they compete in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. But one color — green — will be present throughout the games, thanks to the PyeongChang Organizing Committee’s (POCOG)…

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With an event as large and populated as the Olympics, it is imperative to generate ways to be most cost effective with the building structures and energy usage throughout the venue.


As the Winter Olympics gear up, South Korea has taken initiative to promote the most efficient way of structuring the facility and even the travel accessibilities. They were able to minimize the travel time of the railway from the airport to the Games from 6 hours to 2. In addition, this will eliminate over 6,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Korean Electric Power Corporation is providing 150 electric vehicles and 24 charging stations that will be available during the Games.


The building is also insulated to trap the air, instead of making the HVAC work over time. The venue was upgraded with LED lighting fixtures, leading to it being one of the six Green Standard for Energy and Environmental Design Certified facilities.


South Korea is being recognized as a Green Leader in promoting a more sustainable environment. The athletes will showcase green in their attire as a symbol of this initiative and to serve as a reminder of the importance of saving the environment.  

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