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Workhorse Group Inc. has announced that it is deploying the country’s first fleet of all-electric, zero-emission N-GEN cargo vans in the San Francisco Bay Area, beginning this month.Designed from the ground up by Workhorse, the cargo vans were built to be the safest, most efficient last-mile delivery…

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First all-electric, zero-emission, N-Gen delivery van being introduced to San Francisco, designed and built by Workhorse. This is a big step to promote cleaner air quality for its citizens as delivery vans and trucks emit mass amounts of harmful gasses into the air.

These vans are designed for up to 100 miles in range, which emphasizes the growth of EV technology, as a battery is strong enough to withhold such a wide range of mileage. This positive step will encourage more electric vehicle delivery truck drivers, therefore leading to less polluted air and an overall more sustainable environment.

Workhorse is a company that focuses on creating cost-effective options. Not only do they build electric vehicles, they also manufacture monitoring systems that optimize energy and route efficiency. Their green initiatives have enabled them to brand as a Green Leader in their industry.

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