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How can you ensure your company is being cost efficient AND energy efficient?

A few tips to lower utility bills and promote a more sustainable environment:

First, investing in supplies that are Energy Star certified not only enables a more efficient use of energy, but it also ensures protection of the environment. Second, keep the office set to a reasonable temperature. Many office spaces spend unnecessary amounts in their heating and cooling bills to maintain a cool temperature, however, if dressed appropriately, the office could be maintained at a comfortable temperature. Third, program the thermostat to avoid fluctuating of temperatures, which causes the system to work twice as hard. Costs will be more easily manageable if the system does not continuously adjust to the frequent temperature changes.

Upgrading your facility with LED lighting fixtures is a fourth tip for a noticeable impact on savings. With comparable costs in bulbs, your return on investment could be nearly 50%. LED bulbs use about 8 times less in wattage than incandescent bulbs, and offer a better lit environment to improve employee productivity. Lastly, sensors help eliminate wasted energy. Again, this will result in savings in bills, but also promote a more green environment.

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