Lighting Services

Whether the building or space is old, new, large or small, an American Energy Services energy analysis, lighting upgrade or electrical maintenance service can provide the most cost-effective solution to high-energy costs and inadequate lighting in the industry.

Retro-fit benefits include:

  • Maximized energy savings
  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Increased net operating profit
  • Increased market value of the building/space
  • Improved ergonomics

The following detailed services are provided by the American Energy Services team:


  • Lighting efficiency studies
  • Data research and feedback with American Energy Services proprietary software
  • Utility and energy load reports
  • Lighting simulations
  • Cost versus savings analysis

Turnkey Lighting Services

  • In house labor force – labor only or complete turnkey labor package
  • Lighting quality audits
  • Consultation and design services
  • Material procurement with warranty
  • Project management
  • Recycling of PCB ballast and fluorescent lamps
  • Project financing

For more information and to find out how American Energy Services can best serve you, please contact us.

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