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Services Provided:
LED Installation, Retrofitting, Service Excellence Program

Navistar Direct Marketing

Key Project Results

Net Cost of Project $305,592
Payback Period 1.4 years
Return on Investment 72%
10 Year Energy Savings

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Our Customer

Navistar Direct Marketing is a full-service direct marketing firm that produces creative solutions, digital and conventional printing, full-service direct mail, and fulfillment for its diverse clients, ranging from non-profit organizations to major corporations and governing bodies.

Established in 2017 by Tulsa-based Moore Direct Marketing Group, Navistar prides itself on bringing its clients peace of mind, ensuring each marketing campaign is completely covered—from conception to execution and beyond—by global marketing solution leaders.

The Challenge

Upon its founding, Navistar’s 250-strong workforce settled into a 205,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Frederick, MD. Considering the immense size of the facility, the company realized a need for brighter, more efficient lighting in order to maintain the highest quality of production.

Following an initial upgrade to the building’s interior lighting by AES—which afforded Navistar significant energy savings through the installation of super-efficient LEDs—Navistar sought to continue the savings by upgrading the facility’s exterior lighting. AES conducted an electrical audit and designed a tailored plan to further lower Navistar’s energy bills, while improving visibility within and surrounding the facility.

Our Solution

Overall, AES replaced nearly 1,350 dull, outdated fluorescent and incandescent bulbs on the building’s exterior, interior and in parking lots with brighter, energy-efficient LEDs. Not only did these upgrades bring added safety for Navistar’s employees and associates, the company also saw a 68% drop in energy usage, with over $166,000 in annual savings!

Service Excellence Program

Following the successful completion of this extensive upgrade, Navistar saw the value of building an ongoing relationship with AES through the first-in-industry Service Excellence Program. Navistar opted for a seven-year program, which can be extended to up to 10 years.

An all-inclusive offering, AES’ Service Excellence Program sets the new standard for customer satisfaction. This program offers a unique, all-inclusive approach for greater savings, efficiency, and service beyond the initial sale—and years beyond current industry benchmarks.

With a one-of-a-kind 4-in-1 approach, customers can have true confidence in their investment and achieve peak performances for an extended lifecycle. To keep our products finely tuned and our customers ahead of the curve, an investment-grade energy efficiency audit is conducted annually, which also includes a Health Check, Operations Review, and Technology Review.


Location: Frederick, MD

Segment: Industrial/Commercial

Challenge: To provide a more energy-efficient workplace and identify areas to reduce costs.

Solution: Retrofit interior and exterior lighting to LED tubes.

Results: A 68% reduction in energy costs which allowed Navistar Direct Marketing to reduce energy costs by $166,000 annually.


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