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With a smart lighting control plan and the use of dimmers, you can dramatically improve your living environment while also using less energy and saving money. Below are the top 6 energy efficient benefits of incorporating a lighting control system in your home.

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Lighting controls are the smart technology your company should consider when redesigning your work space, allowing you to become LEED. Promoting as a Green Leader shows initiative and character. Employee productivity is proven to increase as well, as it establishes a comfortable environment and enhances the quality of work. In addition, the control systems are energy efficient by saving nearly 4-9% of electricity, and promote an eco-friendly environment by harvesting daylight and conserving on the HVAC system.

However, the ultimate driving factor is to save money. The bulbs last longer when controlled on dimmers, leading to savings in maintenance costs. Also, this uses less energy overall throughout the day which will result in reductions in energy costs shown through your utility bills. 

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