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A strategic approach to revitalizing your space with custom lighting solutions.

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Lighting Redesign Maryland MD


Upgrading lighting will revitalize your space, and super-efficient LEDs will decrease your energy costs. But before you select new fixtures, consider how your space has changed since its last update. Have workspaces or traffic flow changed? Have the furnishings been rearranged?

Answering these questions enables you to avoid costly mistakes. A one-for-one fixture upgrade to newer technology is common, but not always practical.

The lighting redesign process takes into consideration your business, how it functions, how spaces are used, and any financial and environmental goals that your business has in sight.

LED fixtures offer increased efficiency and scalability, so you can actually improve light levels while reducing the number of fixtures in each space. With LEDs, you can also reconfigure fixtures to increase visual acuity and improve occupant comfort.

Research has shown that lighting upgrades can improve productivity by as much as 20% and can reduce absenteeism by 25%.

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