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With a lighting audit, we can save your company thousands
of dollars each year by identifying weak points and cutting energy costs.

Investment Grade Audits

investment grade audit maryland md

The road to lower utility bills starts right here.

An Investment-Grade Audit serves as your road map to increased energy efficiency.

During the course of a lighting audit, American Energy Services collects relevant utility data for your facility to build the foundation for your energy efficiency road map.

This enables our team to assess the impact an improved lighting environment could have on your facility. We target savings of 50-75% per month on your energy costs, and the audit is the first step towards those savings.

Energy expenses are among a business’s largest controllable costs. With efficient LED lighting you have the opportunity to rededicate resources away from overhead and back to your business.

With a proper evaluation of your space, we will uncover areas where energy is wasted, address hazard zones where improper lighting creates risk, and help you on your way towards lower costs and improved environments.

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