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Positive Impacts of LEDs in Schools

More than Brighter Classrooms—Brighter Students! We can all agree that improvements in student learning and additional cashflow are two things every school wants. Scratch that—every school NEEDS! Pressed with ever-tightening budgets, schools are paying more and more attention to energy conservation to free-up dollars. Schools that have made the switch from incandescent or fluorescent to LED have seen significant energy bill reductions, with their wattage decreasing by up to 75 percent.   Energy Savings + Focused Students = Better Schools! While capital savings are a huge benefit to schools, the effects of creating a better lighting environment on student productivity...

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NFMT 2019

Another Great Year at the NFMT Conference!   American Energy Services is proud to have taken part in the National Facilities Management and Technology Conference in Baltimore March 26-28! The annual conference features hundreds of Fortune 500 and growing businesses, as well as universities and government agencies. Thousands of facilities professionals were actively engaged for a week of learning and connecting. The event provided a great opportunity for our team to talk to motivated facilities professionals and form strategic partnerships. An Incredible Opportunity Following months of preparation, we took full advantage of the opportunity to get to know hundreds of...

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