Audit Services

A crucial component of a successful lighting project is the lighting audit or survey.  This is essential to proper planning and design, and for identifying the best solutions for our client’s unique and specific needs.  A lighting audit or survey is comprised of a careful walk-through of the facility (properties) in which the lighting specialist will observe and note the quantity and quality of available light. During an investment grade audit, American Energy Services will identify problems not only concerning energy efficiency and savings, but also areas where lighting levels are too high, where lights are left on unnecessarily, or where factors leading to visual discomfort may inhibit productivity or safety. The type, quantity, location and height of lamps and fixtures are recorded. Detailed measurements of illumination levels are taken with a light meter, both at task areas and for general overall lighting.

After the audit has been conducted, American Energy Services will provide a detailed report with energy calculations and a space-by-space analysis, custom tailored to your needs.  We will then engineer the project of appropriate size and scope with an implementation strategy, assist and educate on available incentives and financing options.  Once the project proposal has been accepted and agreed upon, American Energy Services will then procure materials and install the equipment as well as secure local utility incentives to offset capital costs.

Here at American Energy Services, we strive to give you confidence in a partner you can trust with helping your organization achieve its energy, financial and technology initiatives.